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Building a 32 thread workstation for under $750


Why am I doing this and what did I get myself into? I have an extremely loud HP 1U server with 2 Xeon X5650 processors (6C 12 Threads each – 24 total Cores). It is so loud that I have it way down in my basement powered off and when I need to use it, […]

Using FreeIPA and LDAP to authenticate users into Jenkins


The backbone of any development environment are the users. Which means you need to be able to manage users. The more users you have the harder the system is to manage. A centralized user management system helps greatly. Nobody likes to manage a bunch of passwords. Its nice to have a single username and password for […]

Linux Challenge – Enterprise Developer Workloads and Switching to Linux from MacOS X

Linux Challenge – Enterprise Developer Workloads and Switching to Linux from MacOS X

Lately my desktop operating system has been letting me down. I’m an Enterprise Java developer and my computer is what puts food on the table. For the past 10 years my weapon of choice has been MacOS on MacBook Pros. I typically buy these myself as a “company box” usually won’t cut it. The Mac […]

Part IV DevOps Production Environment

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Networks It is essential that my dev environment has access into production. It is how code get’s pushed into production. So I have a Site to Site VPN into my AWS infrastructure. One of the nice things about AWS is that they actually have a VPN service and it uses standard IPSec so it can […]

Part III The DevOps Test and Dev Environment

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The DevOps Environment At some point in beginning of the retrofit I had freed up our old production equipment. I brought it all back to office and kept the two most powerful servers (HP ProLiant G5) to repurpose as my official test and dev environment. I did also purchase a NAS device so I could […]

Part II – DevOps Retrofit Legacy Project Goals

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Typically you and your company will be at a breaking point. They want more features and you as a developer are trying to keep your head above water just on maintenance for the old stuff. For example a new security issue like this one we had could crop up and it is forcing an […]

Part I – Introducing a DevOps Case Study

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Introduction Legacy projects are hard to deal with. Unless you are directly involved with the development of the system, you do not have any idea how hard it is to maintain and worse change. Something that sounds easy, like adding a simple button on a single page could in actuality be a nightmare to accomplish. […]

DevOps: Retrofit your legacy project

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In this four part series I will go over how I added the DevOps software development methodology to a legacy project. This project consisted of a few Enterprise Java Applications/Systems, however this information will be relevant for any type of software development. I joined a small company in need of some serious retooling and updates […]

Using the Page Object Pattern with Robot Framework

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I really don’t want to call this Page Objects, because Robot Framework (or simply RF) is a not an Object Oriented Framework.  So in the spirit of Page Objects and RF, I’ll call it Page Resources.  You probably have heard the Page Objects are good and that you should be using them in your automated […]

Virtual Hudson Build Environments


The Scenario You work on a software team and someone decides that a continuous build would be a good idea. Well, they are right! Someone should give that person a raise. The only problem is, who is going to build this thing? Software developers typically just want to write code, not build information systems. The […]